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Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Knowledge process outsourcing, popularly known as KPO, is considered to be the extension or development of Business process outsourcing (BPO). KPO needs high level of skill-set from the professionals. The scope for KPO in the near future is highly potential as it is not restricted with only IT sector. It includes other sectors like Legal Processes, Intellectual Property and Patent related services, Engineering Services, Web Development application, CAD/CAM Applications, Business Research and Analytics, Legal Research, Clinical Research, Publishing, Market Research (Market research KPO ) etc.

JJ Softwares has spread its wings in the Knowledge process outsourcing by offering KPO services in the field of Chemistry.


We apply the various informational techniques and use the power of computer to provide solution to a wide range of problems in the field of chemistry. At JJS we have developers with a sound knowledge in the field of Chemistry. We collaborate with many Chemistry Research Scholars in and around Tamilnadu, India. Our Chemists are good in computer programming also. JJS assist customers in solving problems related to chemistry with the help of modern computational methods. With a strong network of Chemists and Software developers, we support various Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and Chemical Industries.