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Rich Internet Applications

Adobe Flex

Open source technology has gained prime importance for its flexibility and represents Adobe Flex which is an open source software development tool developed by Adobe systems. The major function performed by Flex is the cross functional internet rich applications based on Adobe Flash platform. Adobe flex builder or the flex compilers from adobe are used for writing the flex applications.

At JJ Softwares, rich web application development services are extended in Flex. As an uprising technology Flash/Flex are used to make web applications with rich media content and enhanced user interface. The server side programming language is used to make the web applications more robust and bridge between flash and database servers which can be formatted in a small program as well as web services, XML, flash remoting, flash media server and action message format.


Flex Applications


Flex Web and application development solutions offered are

  • Custom Flex Application Development
  • Flex integrate with PHP, MySQL, SQL, Oracle, Java, Asp.Net, XML
  • Dynamic Shopping cart ecommerce solutions
  • Rich user interface Flex website design and web solutions
  • MXML and Action Script development

Flex & Action Script Programming Skill Sets

  • Flex development with PHP and MySQL
  • On-line design editor tools
  • Customized Video player creation

Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR enables creation of spectacular desktop applications based on the Adobe Flash platform. The Adobe AIR lets developers use proven web technologies to build rich internet applications that run outside the browser on multiple operating systems. Adobe AIR is well suited to create business intelligence products, offline version of web applications, etc. Adobe AIR uses the same technology as Adobe Flex and in addition provides higher level access to local devices like file system, local databases, etc.


Why use Adobe AIR

  • Power of Choice – With Adobe AIR, users get to choose the mode of operation for their applications
  • Consistency – All operating system users get a consistent experience
  • Better Interactivity -Improved engagement with customers using enhanced features leads to more interactivity
  • Improved Efficiency – Using AIR saves precious development time, which leads to cost reduction over a period of time
  • Increased ROI – It allows you to use existing people, systems, and infrastructure, which helps increase ROI
  • Customization – Adobe AIR is built on technologies that cater to your specific requirements