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Software Metering (Hardware and Software License Monitor)

This Product is focused on Software, Hardware Maintenance and its License handling in a client-server environment. It can be implemented in both Domain Controller Environment and Workgroup Environment.


Customized Reports

This system generates customized reports of the following

  • Number of Machines available on a Network
  • Softwares used on a client machines
  • The duration of the software usage
  • Unauthorized usage of the Software and failure of Hardware


  • Web Administration Control Panel
  • Monitors all processes that run on all configured clients
  • Provides reports of process usage and license limiting
  • Provides offline metering functionality
  • Windows service based configurable Server and Client


  • Windows Services
  • TCP/IP Communications
  • XML Parsing
  • File system watcher
  • KIXTART Login Script
  • SQL Server Stored Procedures
  • ATLAS AJAX enabled reporting
  • Dot Net Charting