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Salesforce refers towards the fact consumer Relationship regime application that operates the relationships in between your trade and your customers creating much more cozy surroundings pertaining to your prospects alluring them more improved and designed services from your edge. These programs are produced using Apex- a beneficiary Java-like programming language featured in the Force.com stage and Visual Force-an XML like syntax for creating end user layouts in HTML, AJAX or Flex.

The advantages that a Salesforce functions expansion can certainly present you together with Talents from India is evident as underneath:

App Exchange, Customization, Web Services, Mobile support, Languages, Requires limited training duration and perquisites, manage and approaches of routines through ease, performs client-contact activities bestow acquaintances from sales managers, advantageous to sales individuals, delivers crowd e-mailing and message new release, possesses a user-friendly user interface.

The Salesforce Application Development demands the underneath presented requirements which are present in the developers at Talents from India:


Our Expertise in Salesforce

  • APEX classes
  • S-handles
  • activates and activities
  • supplementary duties which include robust task management abilities for specifications collating
  • surroundings research
  • Data/report transmittance
  • utility improvement
  • QA testing
  • Implementation
  • Continued help

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM) is viewed as the strongest and the most efficient approach in maintaining and creating relationships with customers. CRM is a strategy towards achieving a holistic view of any partner engagement. Keeping in mind the pace at which technology is changing today, any company which is a step ahead of others because of some web product or service will not be able to hold on to that advantage for long. The key to stability in today’s dynamic marketplace is forging long-term relationships with the customers.

JJS helps companies decide on the right on-demand CRM solutions and services, helping companies increase profitability by improving customer value and reducing operating costs. JJS can help you streamline your customer service processes to ensure consistently high service levels, quick response times, accountability and problem resolution.

Customer Relationship Management philosophy is focused at keeping customer satisfaction at the most premier level. Our business Custom CRM software Solution is tailored to the SMEs as well MNCs and enables them to manage their customer related processes. The purpose of a Custom CRM Software Solution is to acquire and retaining customers, improving customer loyalty and gain customer insight.

We implement various customer-focused strategies with our Custom CRM solutions to manage processes like sales, leads management and channel management to meet the above said targets. Our customer-centric solutions help your company drive new growth, maintain competitive agility, and attain operational excellence.

Our organized structure of CRM services includes Implementation, Consulting, Integration services, Data migration services, Application development and Training.

JJS has an expertise in the below mentioned CRM Solutions:


Our Expertise

  • Salesforce automation
  • Marketing
  • Customer service and support
  • Appointment
  • Analytics
  • Integrated/collaborative
  • Small business
  • Custom CRM
  • Sugar CRM
  • Open Source CRM