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Token Management System

JJS Token management system (TMS) is a product offering token management services to the hospitals to manage the incoming and outgoing patients. TMS enhances the admin to know the patients with this system. It also clears booking of tokens manually. JJS TMS includes the SMS services to the patient on the status of their tokens. TMS helps to organize any hospital that needs to manage a large number of patients.




Visitors Account Process

  • Complete database of patients’ contact information
  • Sending reminder SMS for consultation, further treatment and tests
  • At emergency cases the next available timing can be intimated to the patients via SMS
  • Health tips for patients, First Aid tip etc.
  • Special camp information to patients
  • Income generation through commercial advertisement
  • Increasing the number of visitors via promotional SMS

Productivity and Performance Process

TMS helps to understand the following processes under productivity and performance.

  • Average waiting time for each patient
  • Turn around visit time for every patient
  • Maximum waiting time
  • Calculation of daily/ weekly/ monthly/ yearly admissions of patients